Turning 31 + Sparkly Sweater

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So much to talk about in today’s post! I turned 31 on Saturday. T h i r t y – o n e. That means I’m no longer 30, but thirty-something. I share my thoughts about turning 30 here, and while 31 feels a little more momentous than 30 for some reason, I’m grateful for another year to be alive:) And maybe it makes it a little better that as I’m writing this, Chauncey and I are on our way to Charleston, SC for our babymoon. . . .

SIDENOTE: TOMORROW WE ARE REVEALING BABY BRIGHT’S GENDER!!!!!!! I will have a blog post up tomorrow morning.  We can’t wait to share our secret with you!  If you have a guess as to what we’re having, then leave a comment below.

Sweater–under $20 // Maternity jeans (non-maternity option–$10) // Bow slides (similar) Earrings–$13 // Drusy necklace // Initial necklace // Similar purse

I wore this outfit out to dinner on my birthday.  Y’all, I had the best birthday this year!  While it’s definitely not all about the gifts, Chauncey and Kane went shopping together for my gifts.  They were so thoughtful, and Kane helped pick everything out, including a teddy bear for the baby.  And inside my card, Chauncey agreed to the baby’s first name with the spelling I wanted.  No take-backs now–it’s a binding contract (see–that’s what being married to an attorney will you get you.haha). 

They also took me to dinner at Malone’s, which is one of my favorite restaurants.  The absolute greatest moment, though, was when the waiter brought out my birthday dessert, complete with a candle, and Kane sang “Happy Birthday” to me unprompted.  It brought tears to my eyes, and Chauncey just happened to be able to record part of it.

OK, back to my outfit.  This sweater is under $20.  It comes in several different colors of sparkles, but it appears that the rainbow sparkles version that I’m wearing isn’t online yet. It’s very lightweight and will be perfect for layering. It was 70+ degrees on my birthday, though, so I wore it alone.

I had to wear these Sugarfix earrings–how festive are they?! At just $13, I expect them to sell out quickly.  So of course I added my hot pink bow slides to match. The pops of hot pink combined with the rainbow sparkles make this a happy and festive birthday outfit:)

Remember to leave your gender guess below!!! For those of you who like to make your guess based on various signs, here’s some info:

Carrying: Kinda low

Chinese calendar: girl

Heartbeat at first appointment: 170’s

Craving: more sour

Morning sickness: some


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