Wardrobe Re-Wear : Purple Pants

Last night, I went shopping with one of my best friends, Alyssa.  She’s 39 weeks pregnant and miserable, so we tried to walk in hopes that it would encourage Baby Peyton to vacate.  No such luck:(  But I did find an awesome pair of purple crop pants at JCP that I’m in love with!  Here’s 2 ways to style these pants, or any other brightly-colored pants:

OUTFIT 1- Work Flow

I also picked up this new shirt from NY&C last night.  I love the lace detail on the front.  I had actually picked up this shirt to buy before but put it down before I checked out.  When I saw it was $3 cheaper, I decided to go ahead and get it.

I know that some people tend to think of colored pants as being a more off-the-clock piece of clothing, but it’s all in how you style the outfit.  Here, I paired the pants with a short-sleeved button-up shirt tucked in with a belt–instantly work-ready!  You can go even further and pop on a black blazer with the sleeves turned up to kick up the dressiness another notch.

Shirt: NY&C, $12
Crop pants: JCP, $16
Wedges: Maurices, old (similar: Target, $18.74)

OUTFIT 2- Family Dinner Date
After work, Chauncey, Kane, and I headed out to Old Chicago to eat some yummy food (see here for tips on how to dine out on a budget!).  To take my outfit from work to night, I simple changed into a more fun shirt and left it untucked.  Once again, I picked a neutral, but added in a little shine to change up the overall look.  You could also toss on a white tee with a bright scarf or a neutral tee with color-coordinating graphics on the front.
Shirt: Maurices, old (from last year’s end-of-summer clearance)
Slides: Nine West Outlet, old (Similar: Target, $14.99, more colors in store)
Earrings: J. Crew Factory, $9.50
Bracelet: J. Crew Factory, $14.50 (I scored this for less than $6 at the actual outlet store!)
Shew, I hate stray pieces of hair. . . .
By coming up with new and different ways to mix and match your wardrobe, you ensure that your closet’s possibilities are nearly endless.  I really like both of these looks, and I’m loving the purple color of the pants!  Do you have any colored pants in your wardrobe?  Yes, black/gray/khaki/blue(jeans) are all colors but don’t count for purposes of this question:)

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  1. Tif

    I have quite a few colors myself:) I coveted a mint pair last year when I was pregnant, didn't get them, and now can't find ones I like this year:( What kind of tops do you tend to pair them with?


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Wardrobe Re-Wear : Pink Popover Shirt

Confession-time: I am a clothes hoarder.  I get such great deals with clothes that I hate to part with them!  Especially since I’m always thinking of ways to re-style pieces.  Every time I go to get rid of a piece of clothing, I automatically start listing the reasons in my head I should keep it–always at the top of the list is that it would be more expensive to buy again if I needed something similar in the future.

Anyways, on Friday, I mentioned a blog that I’ve really been enjoying lately by Katie over at Cup of Tea.  She has been doing a 30 day outfit challenge, where you take 30 pieces from your wardrobe and make 30 different outfits over 30 days.  I’m way too nervous to limit myself to just 30 pieces of clothes, but it has definitely got me thinking about the best ways to re-wear certain pieces.

So I think I’m going to start doing a Wardrobe Re-wear post every so often, and share with you 2 different looks that both feature the same piece of clothing.  By re-wearing your clothes, you’re getting more of your money’s worth out of them!  If you think outside your usual outfit pairings, you may not feel the urge to buy new clothing pieces all the time.

Outfit 1 – Work Flow
If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I wore this outfit to work today.  I really like the brightness of the shirt paired with the cream-colored skirt. The shirt is a size too big, but it was the only size I could get my hands on.

Outfit 2 – Out with Friends
After work, I headed over to my friend Brittany’s house for craft night!  I always have so much fun, and it’s nice to catch up:)  I needed a fast outfit change, and was going for something more relaxed.  Pairing the popover with a pair of khaki-print shorts  was quick and easy!
Shirt- Old Navy, details here.
Skirt- Maurices, clearance from last summer.
Shorts- Old Navy, similar.
PS- the fluff ball photobombing in the bottom left corner is Gizmo, one of our kitties.

I’m really liking both of these looks, and I’m really excited I found some new ways to wear this shirt.  I challenge each of you to try the same, and let me know how it goes–even better if you try to find new ways to wear a piece of clothing you used to hate!

Don’t forget the Coach wristlet giveaway–enter to win here!


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  1. writingnprogress

    I love the idea of a wardrobe re-wear; I have to admit, as a teacher I do this frequently! I actually have an extremely similar shirt (only in mint) I purchased on sale from the Gap Outlet at the end of last summer (it was marked down from $49.99 to 2.50! It was a crazy, awesome sale!) I usually pair mine with either khaki shorts (or khaki slacks if I'm at work) or a pair of white capris. To add more color, I usually wear a periwinkle tank under it. I was amazed at how pretty the two colors were paired! I'm going to steal your idea (if you don't care) and pair it next with a white skirt I have next. Thanks!

    -Belinda at Writing in Progress

  2. ktcupoftea

    I love an oversized popover 🙂 I have several. The outfits are really cute! I love the idea of this blog series – re-wearing an item a few different ways. Great idea! And thank you again for the shout out! Returning the favor tomorrow on my outfit recap post. Thanks again! – Katie @ Cup of Tea

  3. Tif

    Thanks, Belinda! I'm seriously jealous of that deal! I love love love mint + periwinkle together, but I often don't think of pairing it together clothes-wise, which is promptly going to change since you mentioned it. You'll have to post a pic of your outfit. That's the whole point of these posts–to give people take-away ideas:)

  4. Tif

    You're welcome! Just wanted to give credit since your blog inspired this idea. I'm looking forward to working in these posts every couple of weeks now.

  5. writingnprogress

    I actually wore that outfit for the 4th of July, so I added a picture to my latest blog post. Plus, I had to share with you this awesome deal I found at the Ann Taylor outlet in Myrtle Beach. They a 60% off store-wide sale going on when I stopped in last week, and I found a pair of sunglasses marked down from $40 to $4.00. Turns out they had an additional sale on accessories which led to my 90% savings! I was thrilled (until I lost the glasses in the ocean the next day from a terrible wave. I was not a happy camper, but was able to justify returning for an additional pair. lol)



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