Weight Loss Wins + Cool Pastels

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This past week, I hit my second major weight loss milestone—I lost 10 lbs! I feel so much better, and my confidence has gotten a boost too. In fact, I’m wearing a fully-tucked shirt and belt for this post. Y’all, I can’t even remember the last time I fully tucked my shirt in, let alone wore a belt with pants. So today I wanted to talk some about my weight loss journey and my experience losing the baby weight after my second baby.

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I was 155 lbs when I got pregnant with Karoline, and gained around 35 lbs over the course of my pregnancy. Now, I didn’t look at the weight when I checked in to have it, so we’re saying it was the same as two days before.haha  I lost probably 25 lbs of that over the first several months while breastfeeding, and then hung around the low 160s for probably 9 months. So back in March, at 162 lbs, I started Weight Watchers again, hoping to drop the last little bit of baby weight.

Weight loss has always been a little of a struggle for me because I hate working out and love to eat everything you shouldn’t.  Weight Watchers is the only weight loss program that I’ve found that works for me, because I can still eat the things I want so long as I watch the portion size. I don’t have to starve myself, or radically change what I eat. It works with my hectic life. And more importantly, it helps me to consistently make better food choice AFTER I stop the program, which allows me to keep the weight off for long periods of time. The first time I did it was to lose the dreaded Freshman Fifteen my second semester of undergrad, and I’ve been successful each time I’ve stuck with the program.

Last month, after starting Weight Watchers, I crossed my first huge weight loss victory in that I officially lost ALL MY BABY WEIGHT! Since then, I didn’t stick with the program EXACTLY (because, you know, Easter candy and all that) for a few weeks, but I’m back in the bandwagon. It’s so great to see results on the scale!  When I weighed myself this week, the scale showed 150.9 lbs, for a total weight loss of 11.1 lbs.

In addition to the boost to my self esteem, I physically feel better, which makes me mentally feel better. I have more energy and find it easier to go about my day. If you want to try Weight Watchers out, you can use my link to get your first month free.

Now, all of this said, you should always approach weight loss in a healthy way. If you have an unhealthy relationship with your weight, please reach out and talk to someone about it.


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