When Your Kid Takes THAT Picture with the Easter Bunny. . .

Before Kane was born, I used to imagine the perfect holiday photos my precious baby would take. And he totally delivered on them the first year.  He sat with Santa and the Easter Bunny and looked at the camera while we got some beautiful pictures.  It was perfect!  
Then came the second round of holiday photos.  Anyone remember the Christmas one???haha Well, Kane has done it again.  Done what?  NAILED his holiday pictures with the Easter Bunny. . .and by nailed, I mean this:
And you know what?  This picture is just as precious and just as perfect as the ones from the 1st year. That photo is pure Kane, and straight-up hilarious.  I like to think that one day, he’ll look back and appreciate these pictures just as much as his momma did.  So when your child takes THAT holiday photo, embrace it. Realize that a kid is just a kid, and they’re bound to be unpredictable.  Don’t be disappointed because they didn’t look right at the camera and smile.  Don’t forgo buying the pics because they weren’t perfectly posed.  These are the memories that you’ll look back on one day and miss with every fiber of your being.  Oh, and it’s pictures like this that you can break out when they start dating.haha
Now, while Kane despised the Easter Bunny, he loved the real bunny!  I love these pictures too:)

I offered some tips taking Santa photos with a toddler in this post, but they really apply to any pictures you’re wanting to have done with your little one.  Also, if you live in the Lexington Area, I highly recommend heading to Lexington Green to do pictures with the Easter Bunny–that’s where we always go for Kane’s pics!  The experience was fun as usual, and you can even scheduled an appointment in advance so you don’t have to wait in line.
How’d your Easter Bunny pics turn out?  Do you have any funny pics like Kane’s?

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