Why I Started Blogging + My 7th Blogiversary

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Today is my 7th blogiversary [cue the confetti]!!!! I didn’t set out to launch my blog on St. Patrick’s Day, but here we are, seven years later. Some days, I can’t believe I’ve been blogging this long, while other days it feels like I’ve been blogging all of my adult life. I always think it’s interesting to hear people’s “why” they do what they do, so today I’m sharing why I started blogging.

blue and pink floral maxi dress //  Kendra Scott white baroque pearl huggie earrings c/o // woven strap heeled sandals

After I had Kane in June of 2013, I felt a little lost. You get so wrapped up in being a mom that you almost forget how to be you. Even though I loved being a mom, it was strange adapting to the new normal. I was also a fairly new attorney, and going to school for my MBA while working full-time.

I don’t remember exactly how it come up, but Chauncey looked at me one day and said, “You need a hobby besides reading trashy romance novels.” Side note: I still read trashy romance novels. And that, my friends, was an epiphany. He was right–I did need another hobby. I had been following several blogs for quite awhile at that point, and had subconsciously rolling around the idea of a blog for awhile. I just needed that push.

Over the next couple of months, I started working behind-the-scenes. I picked out my brand name, Bright on a Budget, as a nod to both my love of bright colors and my love of a good deal. People were always asking where I bought my clothes and how I saved money, as I was notorious for some of the deals I would score, so I wanted to work my brand around that. I wanted to share my knowledge and connect with other women. Honestly, I think I wanted to prove myself that I could do this.

I brainstormed blog topics and presentation. I developed a logo, bought a domain, picked out a theme, and started to work to put it altogether. This process was arduous, as I had a lot to learn about the backend of things.

I launched Bright on a Budget on March 17, 2014 during one of the most hectic times in my life. While it was hard getting started, I’m so glad I took that leap. It gave me purpose and a sense of direction, while boosting my confidence and honing my business skills.  Chauncey probably regrets his comment about finding a new hobby, as he hates taking pictures.haha But he’s also supported me every step of the way.

If you’re waiting to take the leap into something new, do it! Yes, it takes time to learn new skills, but investing in yourself is worth it every time.

Most importantly, thank you for supporting me and my dreams over the past 7 years. Whether you’ve been here since Day 1 or just started following along, I appreciate you!

Nice to meet you!

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